Men, Save Your Ladies. Hero Alom Is Definitely Going To Steal All Of Them With His Looks !!

Ladies, haven’t you moved on from Fawad Khan already? If you have, congratulations on the patriotism. If you haven’t, we have the perfect custom-made Christmas present for you. Made in Bangladesh.

Presenting Hero Alom, the Bangladeshi heart-throb who is giving women a run for their money. At least in Bangladesh.


This guy has a crazy fan following and his celeb status is defined by the fact that he has 2 official accounts on Facebook. Beat that!

Plus, if the picture wasn’t enough to give you a glimpse of his handsomeness, this dude has his ‘Hero’ in his first name.

We were privileged enough to get our hands on his Facebook accounts. And they are doped as fuck.


1.Pout got sucked .


2.Anything can happen in this world .


3. Now we know the inspiration.


4.Don’t do this again !! please !!


5. Lol ! Alert


6. Can’t decide what sucks more. The blue background or the cup of I-have-no-idea-what.


7. The bromance is simply spectacular.


This man is a real superstar.


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