This Dude Has The Weird Photoshop Skills And His Instagram Account Will Surely Make You LOL !!

Photoshop – a software which was invented for designers or illustrators to earn their bread and butter. But there are some, who have redefined the purpose of this software altogether. These modern days Picassos have given some masterpieces to millennials like us. One honourable mention would be of Meena Boy, who is considered the pioneer of this modern art form.

Uday Singh Khalsa or as his Instagram account suggests, kingkhasla, has entered the shit-photoshop arena.

I know you might judge me for doing this, but I went through his entire Instagram account this afternoon. Just to handpick some of his masterpieces for you guys. Thank me later.

So fasten your shit belt as kingkhasla takes you on a hilarious ride.

For those of you who don’t know Meena Boy, he was spotted with ‘Jaklin’ recently.

meena boy rocks

A moment of silence for the Lankan beauty.

Before you Google Meena Boy and laugh your asses off, we have someone who might kick Meena Boy’s ass with his creativity.

Here We Go :

1. What a way to announce your entry. Sidhaaa GQ


2. It takes great courage to protect Emma Watson. Our King has it all.

emma funny

3. Neil Armstrong reincarnated, saw this pic, shot himself. Send this guy to Mars. ISRO, are you listening?


4. His art is taking him places. #achhedin


5. If Hogwarts was somewhere in Jalandhar and Kabaddi was Quidditch.


6. This guy has the balls to call Selena Gomez his wife. Respect bro.


7. And now they are on their honeymoon. I seriously feel bad for Selena. First Justin, now this guy.

photoshop fails

8. He has his own celeb squad. How cool is that. #friendshipgoals

epic photoshop

9. Exploring different genres. Because, why not!

funny photoshop

10. The only man who deserves to sit on the Iron throne and have tea, like a boss.  

epic photoshop

Indeed, a Singh of the north.

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