9 Things About Sex That Your Parent Will Never Tell You !! But You Should Know !!

There is this one thing that our parents have always danced around – sex. In India,in front of the children, parents like to behave as if sex does not exist. Thus, Movies mentioning sex are not watched at home, books describing sex are not kept at home etc etc ( you get the point )

For us as a child, We have heard the most bizarre stories when we asked our beloved parents how they had us. However, growing up we all had wished we could ask our parents about the human anatomy and the various other things that baffled us when puberty hit. The unavailability of the people whom we first go to with our questions was a sure bummer, but then slowly, we did find out things. All by ourselves. Still, here are a few things we really wish our parents would’ve told us about.

1. Sex is plain and Simple

2.Really fun

3.Don’t cuddle

4.But You Must Use It

5. Fantacy

6.It’s Messy

7.It’s exist

8.Do Experiments

9.Don’t Be Guilty

The ideas of sexuality that evolved with time would have been a lot different had we been open to our parents about it. Don’t you think?

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